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Our Service

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Our Service

We offer individually designed skins for Oracle Applications to help customers improve their User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI). The majority of our business comes from E-Business Suite, OBIEE, and Fusion customers, but our aim is be the main provider of UI services for all Oracle applications, so if you have specific application that is not mentioned, and you'd like it skinned then please contact us and we'd love to help.
Note: All our skins work is done as a remote-service - read more information, including current pricing, below or use the quick menu links at the top of the page.

How It Works

Step1: Requirements

Tell us what you want the skin to look like...
We could copy an existing website/intranet
or we can create a design for you.

Step2: Design/Development

We develop the skin remotely on our environments.
Once we're done, we'll sent you the files and installation guide.

Step3: Apply

Apply the skin to your system & if you want any changes then just let us know ...Go back to Step2
Once you're 100% happy...Go Live!


We can develop E-Business Suite skins and most other Oracle Application skins in just 2 weeks!

Once we develop a skin, we then ask customers to test it and feedback if they want any changes. Some customers are happy with the first version, others require several iterations until they are 100% happy. Ideally you should aim for a 2-3 iteration cycle, but we don't charge extra if it takes longer.
Typically expect around an 8-10 week period between project start and go-live.

Interesed in Fusion...? We offer Fusion skins with a 2-3 day turnaround - click here to find out more.

E-Business Suite

Around 80% of our business comes from Oracle E-Business Suite customers, and we have several years experience throughout 11.5.10, R12, R12.1.3, & 12.2 versions.
Our E-Business Suite skins are built using the standard Custom Look and Feel (CLAF) technology, and so they are supported through patching and upgrades.

What is a Skin?
If you're an -E-Business Suite customer you are already using a CLAF skin. Oracle have provided several seeded CLAF skins over the years:

11.5.10 - BLAF skin

The original Browser Look and Feel - somewhat dated look now

R12 - Swan skin

Swan was an new skin replacing the ugly duckling

R12.2 - Skyros skin

More simplified theme to match ADF skyros theme

We create a skin using the same CLAF technology that matches your Brand, and helps make your Oracle User Experience unique.
You then switch the skin on using the Profile Option 'Oracle Applications Look and Feel' at Site / Server / Application / Responsibility / or User level.

Same application...your brand!

E-Business Suite - your brand

See examples page for more...

E-Business Suite - your brand

See examples page for more...

E-Business Suite - your brand

See examples page for more...

Any CLAF skin can be used on any Oracle Applications Framework (OAF) module, for example:

We offer two different pricing options for E-Business Suite customers: "Single Module" and "All Modules (Site Level)". See pricing section below for full details.

Touch Skins for E-Business Suite

We now offer Touch Skins for E-Business Suite using the same Custom Look and Feel (CLAF) Technology that our main skin are build with. This means you can use Touch skin across all your Oracle Application Framework (OAF) pages.

What is a Touch Skin?
Touch Skins use the same concept as Peoplesoft's Fluid UI as well as modern "Responsive" web design.
Effectively we can style each page component and page layout to render differently when viewed on a mobile device.

By applying the same responsive styling to all components and to the page layout, we can optimise the exact same page for use on mobile devices.
You can then deploy the skin across E-Business Suite using the Profile Option 'Oracle Applications Look and Feel' at Site / Server / Application / Responsibility / or User level.
...and our Touch Skins come in any color/design - Your Brand!

Learn more about our Touch Skins here: Touch Skins
Click to see more

Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence skins use the official Oracle supported method, changing styles in around 100 different stylesheets and 100s of images in order to create a branded theme just for you!

Same application...your brand!

OBIEE - your brand

See OBIEE page for more...

OBIEE - your brand

See OBIEE page for more...

OBIEE - your brand

See OBIEE page for more...

Fusion Applications

We offer professionally designed Fusion Skins that can be applied to your environment minutes!

Oracle Fusion is built using the latest ADF technology and is constantly evolving with a new release version every 6 months. For each upgrade (e.g. R10 to R11) we will provide you will an updated skin in advance, containing any new UI enhancements.

Why choose Oracle Skins over Do-It-Yourself?

We have years of experience creating professionally designed skins for Oracle Applications to help maximize the User Experience (UX).
The out-of-the-box tool available in Fusion has several limitations and only provides access to a subset of available skinning features.
We offer a number of User Interface (UI) enhancements that are not available using the standard tool:

These extra touches help create a "wow" factor, and will improve the user perception and employee buy-in to the new Fusion application:

If you are a Fusion SaaS co-existence customer then we can give you a dual E-Business Suite and Fusion skin so that both systems work seemlessly together. We can also embed E-Business Suite pages within Fusion application pages for the full effect!

Learn more about our Fusion Skins here: Fusion Skins

If you have a custom-built ADF or ADF Mobile application and you'd like it skinned then we offer full ADF skins for these. Please contact us for more details.


Our latest E-Business Suite Pricing is listed below. All prices are FIXED and there is no additional cost for the type of design.

Please check out the relevant product pages for prices of other Oracle Applications or contact us for a quote.


All our skins come with the following documentation:

Skins support all your existing setup, personalizations & custom pages, and all our skins are fully tested during development across multiple browsers. We work with you until you are 100% happy with the outcome, and following go-live we will also provide 30-Day Post-Go-Live Support for those last minute changes.

For customers who want extra piece of mind or expect to make ongoing changes to their designs, we also offer an optional Annual Enhanced Support agreement, currently priced at 3,500 USD per 12 months all-module support.
Finally, if you are an existing customer, or your skin was developed by someone else, then we offer ad-hoc support based on a day-rate basis for 500 USD per day.

Partners / Referral Bonus

We are happy to work directly with other Oracle Partners / individual contractors to help them improve existing or future implementations, and we can supply sample screenshots, and access to our demo systems to help with bids / sales.
We also now offer referral bonus fees for any successful customer referrals. Please contact us to learn more.

Sample Requests / Generic Skins

Still not sure about using skins? If you want to test them out then we offer a couple of OracleSkins developed test skins for use on Oracle E-Business Suite R12 environments. These are non-customer branded skins based on the standard Oracle design patterns: Skyros (Fusion theme) and Alta (Mobile theme)


Perfect for Fusion Co-existence Projects and works on any 11.5.10 or R12 environment


Based on Oracle's new Alta Mobile Development theme. Very simple UI

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OracleSkins is part of Appsynx - the only Oracle Partner dedicated to UX! Our Oracle Skins allow customers to transform their Oracle Applications without the need to customize! Remote cost-effective solution, fixed-price, with a 2 week turnaround!

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