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E-Business Suite

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E-Business Suite

We have several years of experience creating E-Business Suite skins throughout 11.5.10, R12, R12.1.3, & 12.2 versions.
Our E-Business Suite skins are built using the standard Custom Look and Feel (CLAF) technology, and so they are supported through patching and upgrades.

What is a Skin?
If you're an -E-Business Suite customer you are already using a CLAF skin. Oracle have provided several seeded CLAF skins over the years:

11.5.10 - BLAF skin

The original Browser Look and Feel - somewhat dated look now

R12 - Swan skin

Swan was an new skin replacing the ugly duckling

R12.2 - Skyros skin

More simplified theme to match ADF skyros theme

We create a skin using the same CLAF technology that matches your Brand, and helps make your Oracle User Experience unique.
You then switch the skin on using the Profile Option 'Oracle Applications Look and Feel' at Site / Server / Application / Responsibility / or User level.

Same application...your brand!

E-Business Suite - your brand

See more examples below

E-Business Suite - your brand

See more examples below

E-Business Suite - your brand

See more examples below

Any CLAF skin can be used on any Oracle Applications Framework (OAF) module, for example:

We offer two different pricing options for E-Business Suite customers: "Single Module" and "All Modules (Site Level)". See pricing section below for full details.

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EBS Touch Skins for Mobile / Tablet

We now offer Touch Skins for E-Business Suite using the same Custom Look and Feel (CLAF) Technology that our main skin are build with. This means you can use Touch skin across all your Oracle Application Framework (OAF) pages.

What is a Touch Skin?
Touch Skins use the same concept as Peoplesoft's Fluid UI as well as modern "Responsive" web design.
Effectively we can style each page component and page layout to render differently when viewed on a mobile device.

By applying the same responsive styling to all components and to the page layout, we can optimise the exact same page for use on mobile devices.
You can then deploy the skin across E-Business Suite using the Profile Option 'Oracle Applications Look and Feel' at Site / Server / Application / Responsibility / or User level.
...and our Touch Skins come in any color/design - Your Brand!

Learn more about our Touch Skins here: Touch Skins
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We can develop E-Business Suite skins and most other Oracle Application skins in just 2 weeks!

Once we develop a skin, we then ask customers to test it and feedback if they want any changes. Some customers are happy with the first version, others require several iterations until they are 100% happy. Ideally you should aim for a 2-3 iteration cycle, but we don't charge extra if it takes longer.
Typically expect around an 8-10 week period between project start and go-live.


Our latest E-Business Suite Pricing is listed below. All prices are FIXED and there is no additional cost for the type of design.


All our skins come with the following documentation:

Skins support all your existing setup, personalizations & custom OA Framework pages, and all our skins are fully tested during development across multiple browsers. We work with you until you are 100% happy with the outcome, and we now include 12 months free support with every skin for any post go-live changes.

Over your first year, if you want to additional support, or want make ongoing changes to their designs, we also offer an Annual Enhanced Support agreement, currently priced at 3,500 USD (per 12 months all-module support).
Finally, if you are an existing customer, or your skin was developed by someone else, then we offer ad-hoc support based on a day-rate basis for 750 USD per day.


  • E-Business - Site

    One of our first UAE customers - attractive skin. Click the icon to view more!

  • E-Business - Site

    Social Media giant. Click the icon to view more!

  • E-Business - Site

    One of the most striking skins we've done. Great branding! One of our favourites!

  • E-Business - Site

    This skin graduated with honors! Click the icon to view more!

  • E-Business - Site

    Modern skin based between Salesforce & Fusion to sync all applications.

  • E-Business - iRecruitment

    Modern iRecruitment site - perfectly integrated into customer's 2014 website.

  • E-Business - Site

    Site level skin to provide the link between inhouse built applications and Oracle.

  • E-Business - Site

    Simple, minimal theme that looks great!

  • E-Business - iRecruitment

    Embedded HTML Banner added in layout to match customer's careers website.

  • E-Business - SSHR

    Site level theme to mirror companies internal systems.

  • E-Business - iRecruitment

    Gaming giant with a big brand and now a great careers site.

  • E-Business - SSHR/OLM

    One of our first sample skins - design has stood the test of time.


Our Customers

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  • Emirates
  • Stanford University
  • LinkedIn
  • Virgin Media
  • Savers
  • Santos
  • EmiratesNBD
  • Intuit
  • Jardine Lloyd Thompson
  • John Lewis
  • Farah Leisure
  • Homeserve
  • KCGM
  • House Of Fraser
  • AGC AusGroup
  • Sega
  • SafeNet
  • Petroleum Institute
  • Dubai Smart Government
  • RZB
  • Modon
  • Averda
  • Oman LNG
  • Executive Affairs Authority
  • Mortenson
  • Telecommuniucations Regulatory Authority
  • JSDU


OracleSkins is part of Appsynx - the only Oracle Partner dedicated to UX! Our Oracle Skins allow customers to transform their Oracle Applications without the need to customize! Remote cost-effective solution, fixed-price, with a 2 week turnaround!

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